Would You Like Some Dessert?

Would You Like Some Dessert?

Would you like some dessert?


1998, 2001, 2003. 2007. Gilded Plates, Imitation Pearls,

Cubics,Spangles and other Decoration Goods,Transparent Silicone.

Each Diameter; 45 cm.




Would You Like Some Dessert? is composed of Artist’s hand made dessert plates made of translucent and twinkling fake jewelries on frivolous gold-gilded plates. To me, these dessert plates evoke some distorted aspects of “Room-Salon” culture in Korea – as you can imagine, “Room Salon” is a place where guys drink together with girls, the girls drinking with guys are paid, and something more is possible.
The tasteful looking fake desserts are not eatable, so that those can symbolize human events in reality in the sense of “Simulation” by paralleling the real with the mimesis.
I interface the female experiences in a sense of specificity of cultural colonization dominating our everyday life and the cultural experiences in a sense of generality of hyperreal consuming culture. Consequently, I would like to raise some issues of female identities in contemporary capitalist culture in terms of the process of presenting this work.




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